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 dedicated to reducing workplace stress 

Are you looking for practical solutions to workplace stress?

Ways to help staff cope and be resilient?"

Proven ways to provide a wellbeing and productive workplace?"

Are you struggling to cope with stress and want help? 

Then your search for solutions ends here....

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For nearly 2 decades I (Steve Crabb) have been coaching and working with individuals and organisations helping them to manage their stress and increase their wellbeing, coping abilities, resilience and productivity. 

Having worked with 1000's of individuals on 3 continents I am still always impressed by how quickly people can learn to manage stress once they know how.

Find out how Organisations & Individuals can each play their part to reduce excessive stress and create a more productive workplace.

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working together to


Reducing workplace stress is a collaborative effort between ORGANISATIONS & INDIVIDUALS.

There is no "one size fits all" or "magic bullet" no "magic pill" solution because all organisations are as unique as all individuals are.


The best solution to reducing work place stress is to train and coach organisations and individuals in a multi disciplinary approach, so they know the causes of stress, know how to manage and reduce triggers and stressors,and how to personally manage stress levels. 

A challenge for many organisations and individuals is to first of all find solutions that work!


The first place most organisations look at are management practices ( what they do) and use the Health and Safety Executives Standards a set of tools and guidelines to change their practices.


HOWEVER - as the HSE website states even with these Standards being in practice for nearly 10 years

"The statistics have remained broadly the same" 

A stress management strategy which only addresses working practices usually fails to deliver on it's promises because it fails to address the mindset ( coping and resilience) strategies of the individual.



Which is why a strategic approach between management and staff that addresses working practices and mindset is so successful

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A formula is a process which if you follow will give you predictable results.

The WellBeing Formula enables individuals to quickly, effectively and in lasting ways to.

  • Gain a new AWARENESS about the nature of stress.

  • Learn how to take personal RESPONSIBILITY for their own stress levels regardless of circumstances

  • Be EMPOWERED to reduce stress levels and increase their resilience 

Coaching and training individuals and groups in stress management especially with regards to MINDSET is more effective then simply making changes to strategies or working practices.

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Join 1000's who have learnt how to cope and be resilient

I regard Steve Crabb as one of the top three coaches in the world. If you get the chance to coach or train with Steve - grab it with both hands.


Paul McKenna - Best selling self help author 




I was extremely nervous and stressed out. Before we did any work, Steve put me at my ease very quickly and by the end of the programme I not only understood why I was feeling so stressed but felt calmer and more in control then ever before


B Lever


Thanks for giving me back my life. I was at breaking point and you have taught me how I am in control of my emotions. This should be taught to everyone at school


A Sanchez



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