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Launch of Wellbeing Formula facebook group

We have moved from the industrial age into the information age with the robotic age fast becoming a reality on the not too distant horizon. With change there is often uncertainty, fears, worries and stress.

Stress management and wellbeing facebook group
Stress management and wellbeing facebook group

The information age means we have masses of choices all offering solutions to managing stress and uncertainty; and the challenge many people face with the information age is that there is just so much of it – so much information! There are more blogs, vlogs and channels than most people can manage to keep track of and sorting out the valuable information from the snake oil solutions is yet another challenge of the age.

So this week I have launched yet another information portal “The Wellbeing Formula facebook group.“

The question you would be forgiven for asking is why do we need yet another group? Two of the things I have learnt over the years are that information is useful but depends upon the quality of the information you receive and implementation is better. Finding resources that offer quality information and teach you how to use it in reality is a time consuming process.

The motivation for setting up the group is to make that process easier. Wellbeing is a passion of mine, which I have been sharing with my network, clients and students for nearly 20 years; and I am constantly finding new ways to expand my knowledge and share my experiences with others. This year I have been a participant on 2 live trainings, attended 5 virtual trainings and read at least a book a week on and around the subject of wellbeing. The learning never ends, which is a good thing.

No one person has all the answers and there is power in the group, collectively sharing quality information and teaching how to implement this knowledge. Many people especially in the coaching and personal / professional development industry act as lone wolves; tucked away in silos and working on their own blogs. When groups of like-minded people get together with a common purpose and shared values, willing to share their wisdom and experiences we all benefit. It saves all that trawling through blogs and posts to find the rare gems.

We don’t know what we don’t know so it seems smart to get a group together and share, so we can all learn what we don’t know and discover what others have learnt on their journey of self discovery and add it to our own wisdom.

“Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.”

Elon Musk

My connections include some of the top coaches and trainers in the world, so the wellbeing facebook group is a space where I will be inviting leading contributors to participate and generously share their own unique perspectives on wellbeing.

The purpose of the group is three fold:

  • Firstly so members can be immersed in the subject of wellbeing and know that the information they receive is of the highest quality from leading talent.

  • Secondly so you can learn how to implement what you have learnt by learning from the success stories of others.

  • The final purpose is perhaps the most important of all. So that more people worry less and get to live lives that are fulfilling, meaningful and happy.

If you want less of the worry and more of the happy then please do join the group, participate in discussions, contribute if you have valuable content to offer and invite others along who you think would benefit from simply being well.

I look forwards to connecting with you on

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