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The only stress-busting tip you will ever need

Do a Google search for stress management and most of the pages returned are for information websites for health organizations with variations on the themes “top 7 tips to manage stress” or “5 ways to reduce stress”.

It all sounds useful, but most tips include such common sense gems such as take regular breaks, go on holiday or take a walk. All help unless of course you take your stress along with you for your walk, holiday or break, as most people do. The problem with such tips is there is a fundamental misunderstanding about what stress is.

There is only one stress-busting tip that once you really know and understand, will transform your relationship with stress forever. That tip is to have a new awareness about the very nature of stress.

The only stress-busting tip you will ever need is the awareness that stress doesn’t exist!

You may be thinking, hold on Steve if it doesn’t exist why do you run coaching and training programmes to help people to manage stress? You have a whole business built on stress management.

The answer is so clients learn that stress doesn’t exist, that stress isn’t real let me explain what I mean.

Can you touch stress, hold it or see it?

The answer is no!

Stress is not an object, noun or thing. In order to experience feelings of stress you have to create it through your thinking (the act of stressing) your brain sends a chemical cascade throughout your neurology, which translates into the physical sensations, feeling and emotions people describe as stress.

“Stressing” is a verb.

When someone experiences stress they are “doing it”and they are often more than capable of “doing it” when on holiday, a break or a walk.

With this awareness it becomes easier to learn to STOP DOING IT! Watch this video a brilliant example of the power of this awareness.

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